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What people are saying

“I truly feel that this was one of the best, if not the best, course I have attended for a very long time…You really made the Sixth Form Induction exciting and motivational.”

- Iain, Teacher, Baylis Court School

What people are saying

"10/10 - top quality advice. Friendly, funny and likeable presenter"

- Emilie, Student, St. Dustan's College

What people are saying

“Terrific! Absolutely terrific! Professionally presented, thoroughly engaging. 70 minutes of study skills and all students were totally focused and enjoying the experience!”

- Chris, Teacher, Lord Wandsworth College

What people are saying

"I gathered a lot of information and helpful tips that I can use straight away. The session really made me re-evaluate my revision and other choices. Will definitely help me even after GCSEs!!! I shall change my life forever."

- Sally, Student, La Retraite Girls' School

What people are saying

"Very great. It gave me many tips I hadn't used before. I think it would be useful for teachers to hear this, so they understand how students work and feel".

- Rowan, Student, Prendergast School

What people are saying

"Despite currently sitting a B-TEC course, our presenter opened this for everyone. He was very funny, entertaining and down to earth."

- Aaron, Student, Chase Community
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