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From Elevate News | November 2020

How to Maintain Motivation in a COVID World

In Week 2 of our blog deep-diving into a students' perspective, we look at the motivation rollercoaster. It's no surprise we've seen an 81% drop in students' motivation levels since school closures began. Here's how you can turn that tide.

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From Elevate News | August 2017

One of the most common questions we get asked is, "how much study should my child be doing" or "how can I get my child to put in more hours"? Invariably, time management is a major issue of contention between parents and their children. 

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From Elevate News | May 2016

We’re extremely honoured to have been awarded Business of the Year (NSW) at the Telstra Business Awards 2014. Check out our founder's speech here.

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